MindBuffer’s ORACLE is a high-end audiovisual concept installation inspired by the intent for a beautiful symbiosis between humanity and the machines that surround us.

In the Wachowski’s renown work The Matrix, the Oracle is an artificial intelligence that defies all conventions in her choice to help humanity. In contrast with an age of cold, efficient and heartless tech, the Oracle is a demonstration of the euphoric potential in the symbiosis of machines and humans.

ORACLE is composed of a surround-sound, intelligent lighting gauntlet where audiences are engulfed in a tightly synced choreographed interplay between intricately crafted audio and 128 moving head lights. Witnesses are dared to leave their comfort zone and surrender to ORACLE’s auditory and luminous embrace for a new kind of immersive experience that crosses the visceral, the tranquil, and the suite of emotions in the space between. While visitors are welcome to watch from the sidelines, they are beckoned by the ORACLE’s alluring siren of sound and light to enter the womb and explore the unique vantage points throughout the space.


As is standard practice for the MindBuffer research division, the work is driven by an entirely custom software stack designed specifically to compose for the unique configuration of the installation. This has enabled the artists to compose tightly integrated correlations between the sonic and visual aesthetics in a manner that would be painful to achieve with conventional solutions. As a result, a visceral response to the synchronisation of sensory events occurring at the granular level is assured.

While the concept render demonstrates a 2x4x16 moving head layout, ORACLE is trivially scalable to whatever configuration best suits the context. If your company or institution is interested in hosting ORACLE at an upcoming event or exhibition, feel free to get in touch.