Nannou is a library that aims to make it easy for artists to express themselves with simple, fast, reliable code. Whether working on a 12-month installation or a 5 minute sketch, this framework aims to give artists easy access to the tools they need.

Nannou is founded on three foundational motivations:

A fast, modern language. When experimenting with the cutting edge in audiovisual processing high performance becomes a necessity. When performing live or creating long-running installations reliability becomes equally important. Rust ticks these boxes and more. Read more about why we chose Rust here.

Batteries Included. One of the beauties of being a creative coder is that we have the potential to create works in a wide range of domains. Nannou aims to give equal priority to a full suite of creative I/O including graphics, multi-windowing, audio, lasers, lighting and more.

Open Source & Liberally Licensed. Access to these technologies is often expensive and locked behind proprietary systems. We believe in democratising this space by open-sourcing Nannou for everyone to use.

Sketches by MacTuiTui.