MindBuffer is a live audiovisual electronic music act of Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine. They are known for their rich and detailed sonic compositions tightly integrated with immersive visual stimulus.

Having met each other in 2009, the pair started to jointly compose electronic music. Their results didn’t go unnoticed for long and quickly led to them being signed to the prestigious Enig’matik records label. This led to a number of bookings over the next few years to perform at local and international festivals. As a result, a strong focus began on providing a visual accompaniment for the live show that was tightly integrated with the music.

In order to achieve the level of detail and synchronisation, the pair realised they would need to write their own custom software tools, which still continues to this day. These tools allow MindBuffer to pair any sonic element to any visual source. For example, basslines may sweep lasers over the crowd while a snare rush chases an array of strobe lights.

Now in Berlin, the pair are putting together their most synchronised audiovisual show to date, utilising the past 9 years worth of research into this field. Get in touch if you would be interested in booking MindBuffer at your festival or club event.