Kortex is a realtime unified audiovisual granular synthesis composition and performance tool developed using openFrameworks.


At the heart of Kortex is an audiovisual granular synthesis engine that evolved in part through Josh's Ph.D. research into the subject. Kortex also features an FM synthesis engine, DSP and post-processing effects engine, and a realtime GLSL shader engine. Recently Kortex has been upgraded to facilitate realtime control over any DMX / Artnet compatible lights and laser projectors.

Kortex was developed as a composition and performance tool for MindBuffer shows and interactive installations. The software can be interfaced with using MIDI, OSC, UI or via a Timeline. Although Kortex has developed substantially over the past 6 + years, there are still quite a lot of techniques waiting to be explored by the research lab at MindBuffer. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.