One of the foundational research projects leading to MindBuffer’s deep dive into software engineering, JEN is an interactive, multi-channel, infinitely generative music engine and a reflection of its creators’ deep musical history. The project is an evolutionary one, growing and changing over time as MindBuffer learn and find new applications in new domains.

The modular design allows for a wide range of applications, including tightly integrated live AV performance, highly-reactive never-ending OSTs for games, pattern generators for installations, composition assistance and much more. Recent applications include pattern generation for LATTICE, real-time music generation for MindBuffer Live AV, original soundtrack composition for I-Illusions’ Element4l and composition assistance for MindBuffer’s music production process.

JEN’s implementation revolves around deeply modulated periodic functions, using a combination of trigonometry and calculus to carve music out of noise. Everything including style interpolation, long-term phrasing, rhythmic patterns, harmonic progression, instrument density, and raw synthesis are governed by a combination of inter-modulated Perlin noise, sines, saws and squares at frequencies that range from an oscillation per ~million years to 96khz. The use of pure, seeded, periodic functions results in an almost entirely stateless design, allowing for random access in time while retaining musical cohesion.

If your company or institution is interested in integrating real-time, interactive music generation into an upcoming project or exhibition, feel free to get in touch.