There are few better descriptions of “immersive” than an experience that consumes you. MindBuffer’s Gut Tunnel is a multi-projector, realtime, interactive, immersive visual installation designed as the feature entrance of Melbourne Museums’ Gut Feelings exhibition.

The goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness around gut health and its impact on our day to day lives. Gut Tunnel acts as the alluring entry point, an immersive, projection-mapped, intestine-like tunnel. The user places their hand on a screen and watches in awe as their own microbes burst forth, organically flowing down the walls and ceiling, beckoning the user deeper into the exhibition.

MindBuffer’s implementation revolves around the development of a sophisticated, physics-based 3D environment. A hidden, custom-designed Arduino LASER sensor detects the visitor’s hand acting as the microbial trigger. Perlin noise guided 3D flow fields with peristaltic flow sweep the microbes down the tunnel in an organic, fluid motion.

The 3D microbe assets were designed alongside frequent collaborator and renowned artist Andy Thomas, known for his explorations of the boundaries between organics and technology and his work with fellow renown figures including Bjork, the Chaos Group, the Smithsonian Museum, and Ars Electronica.

gut tunnel interactive installation 1

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Client: Museums Victoria
Exhibition: Gut Feelings
Production: MindBuffer
Video Production: Joshua Batty
Software Development: MindBuffer & Tom Gowan
Photography: Museums Victoria

Special thanks to Museums Victoria for commissioning and hosting the work.