MindBuffer teamed up with world-renowned digital artist Andy Thomas to create Ectoplasm — a mind-bending audiovisual projection mapping work created for White Night 2017.

Ectoplasm features the visceral aesthetic of MindBuffer alongside Thomas’ synthetic infusion of organic systems. Ectoplasm is a supernatural viscous substance exuding from the clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells leading to the manifestation of spirits.

Photogrammetry and modeling techniques were used to accurately capture the 3D architecture of RMIT’s iconic Story Hall. Following this, visuals were constructed in Houdini that conformed, twisted and melted from the various architectural features along the façade. Along with custom sound design, MindBuffer created a generative composition engine using Max/MSP. The engine was responsible for triggering audiovisual synchronised content, as well as a 4 channel granular synthesiser. In doing so, unique variations of Ectoplasm played out throughout the night, separating the work from traditional baked composition loops. This resulted in a tightly synchronised audio-visual work that captivated audiences all night long.

Ectoplasm was featured at White Night Melbourne festival in 2017, running for 12 hours from 7 pm - 7 am.



Production: MindBuffer
3d Artist: Andy Thomas
Sound Design: Mitchell Nordine
Software Development: Joshua Batty
Filming: Flying Dragon & Matt Wood

Special thanks to Olaf Meyer for projector installation and to RMIT Gallery.